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Pork Loin Cooking Times and Calculator

Pork loin is a wide, thick rectangular cut from the midsection that runs from the shoulder to the rear. Pork loin is cut from the back, between the back fat and the ribs. Pork loin often has a layer of fat running along its top, called the fat cap.

Pork Roasting Tips

  • Rub sea salt over the fat 30 minutes before cooking for perfect crackling!
  • Let the meat come up to room temperature before cooking
  • Roasting the meat at 220℃ 200℃ Fan / Gas Mark 7) for 30 minutes before bringing the heat down to the temperture indicated will allow the heat to reach the centre of the joint, crisp up the crackling and seal in the flavour.
  • Don't cover pork crackling joints while they’re cooking, it will make the crackling go soggy.
  • Don't forget to rest the meat before carving. This allows the meat to relax and distributes the juices throughout. A general rule of thumb used by chefs for resting meat is 1 minute for every 100g of meat.

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